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Garden Irrigation

It's no secret that Norfolk is one of the driest counties in the UK. This is mainly due to Norfolk being the furthest east, the last stop for weather systems approaching from the Atlantic ocean, and also due to large areas of Norfolk having very dry, sandy free draining soil. Which means that even after heavy down pours the moisture doesn't hang around for long.
This is great if you're after a wild prairie style garden. However, not so desirable if you hope to keep lots of lush green plants with a wide variety of perennials, shrubs & trees. Unless you don't mind spending hours a day watering them of course!
This is where garden irrigation systems come in.
Garden designers and landscapers in Norfolk, like us, are particularly keen on installing automated irrigation systems. Not only to ensure our customers much loved and costly plants are given the best chance of survival, but, also to offer our clients peace of mind when away. Especially the second home owners.
A garden irrigation system can make the difference between havi
ng a garden that matures gracefully into its most beautiful form, as intended, or one that withers away slowly becoming a mass of impossible weeds and dusty soil.

Automated irrigation systems are cheaper than you think!
A full irrigation system can often cost less than replacing a single tree.
 They are certainly a fraction the cost of the plants they look after.

What type of garden irrigation systems do we use?
We use a wide range of systems depending on the size and requirements of the plants. From small manually operated drip hoses, to fully automatic sprinkler systems. We can utilize existing taps, bore holes and rainwater harvesters, or even fit new ones for you. Whatever your space, acres of land or a city balcony, we can create an irrigation system that works for you and your plants.

Due to high demand we have now set up a dedicated team of irrigation installers to cover Norfolk (our base), Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex & North Norfolk. We will soon be launching a new website dedicated to garden irrigation, but for now, please contact us through the form below or call us

Local Garden Irrigation System Installers

Covering All Of Norwich & Norfolk

 Call us on - 07535655553   
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