Garden Irrigation

It's no secret that Garden designers in Norwich and Norfolk are particularly keen on installing automated irrigation systems. This is mainly due to Norfolk being one of the driest counties, but also due to the fact that large areas of Norfolk have very dry & sandy free draining soil. 

This is great if you're after a wild prairie style garden, but not so desirable if you hope to gave lots of lush green plants and wide variety of flowers and don't like spending an hour or more a day water plants in the hot summer months. 


This is where garden irrigation systems come in. They're far cheaper to install than the cost of the plants that they protect, and also keep the plants looking healthy and lush for their entire life span. 

A garden irrigation system can be the difference between having a garden that matures gracefully into its most beautiful form, or one that withers away and slowly becomes a mass of impossible weeds. 

We use a wide garden irrigation systems depending on the size and needs of the garden, from small manually operated drip hoses, to fully automatic sprinkler systems. Whatever your space, we can make an irrigation system work for you and your garden.

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